About Us

Inspired by the interplay of art and nature, Hotel Naru Seoul – MGallery creates architectural poetry in interwoven, harmonious design features. Taking cues from the historical poets and painters who flocked to Mapo, we collaborate with local writers and artists to bring a vision of contemporary Seoul.
Discover artwork throughout the hotel – in your room or suite and, most strikingly, in the lobby, where the 10-meter installation <Airy Navigation> by local artist Haegye Yang seems to float in mid-air. The piece’s shimmering pastel hues evoke natural elements like the river, the sunset and the colors of trees on Bamseom Island across four seasons. Artist Jeonghwa Choi’s <The Present of the Century>, installed on the exterior of the hotel, using the module-stacking method and vibrant colors. In addition to the joy of viewing art, sends a message of love and hope to the viewers. The viewer can easily become an artist by taking commemorative photos, participating or sharing the outcomes. At that moment, the work becomes a monument and creates a vibrance to daily life. Art is not far and high, but close and low.

The uninhabited Han River islet also influenced our signature scent, which includes notes of red cedar, sandalwood, bergamot and orange.
Featuring a “biophilic” design that reflects the river and connects guests to surrounding natural elements, our art hotel in Seoul has impeccable green credentials.